Friday, September 15, 2006

Music Lesson Interlude

Task: The dreaded outline

Time stolen from: Writing during music lesson

Sorry I haven't been posting everyday, although I have been whittling away at the outline for the last several days and wanted to avoid boring everyone to death with the details of what I'm working on... since not a lot has changed. The outline is slowly getting organized into chapters, and I think that I'll be ready to start working on chapter summaries tomorrow.

Writing during waiting times always works good for me. Today I brought my laptop with me to my daughter's music lesson (she is taking piano and violin), and got a good 30 minutes of outline work done. I don't mind these types waits. Waiting for doctor's appointments, for oil changes and auto repairs, getting your driver's license renewed, etc. Always bring a notebook or reading to do when you think that you might be waiting for someone else.


Deborah said...

Whenever I have to do waitingness, I bring my corssword puzzle book with me. I LOVE much fun.

Michael said...

So are the crosswords an excuse to avoid writing? Or do you find plenty of time to write anyway? What is your best trick to finding a little time to write??