Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 Things You Shouldn't Be Doing Instead of Writing

1. Watching coverage of the Anna-Nichole Smith debacle. Why watch hours of boring court procedures, when you can watch trailer trash go at it on Springer and that will only waste an hour of your time. Trust me... you'll hear one way or another where they bury her rotting silicon-enhanced corpse and who gets custody of the infant who everyone claims to be thinking about, but no one really is. Pray for that poor girl, she's going to need all of the help she can get.

2. Watching coverage of Britney. Is she in rehab? Is she out of rehab? Does she got a new tattoo? Is she passed out drunk pantie-less in the back of a limo with Paris and Lindsey? Trust me... you'll hear about it one way or another.

3. Reading spam in search of brilliant new writing inspiration, a hot new stock tip, or the best prices on Viagra. Trust me... no one is going to give you $10 million dollars for giving some rich individual who is caught in difficult circumstances access to your bank account.

4. Not even Anna-Nichole... or Britney...

5. Playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance... well, it is pretty fun... Spider-Man and Iron Man really kick ass, so maybe you can play it a little while, but not too long... get back to work.

6. Watching ice melt. It is February... it ain't going to melt. For a very long time. It sucks, but you have to deal with it.

7. Obsessively watching the weather waiting for the next big snow storm or Alberta Clipper, and wondering if your power company will manage to keep the juice flowing so you don't lose that brilliant thought when the power suddenly dies. It never really is the same when you try to recreate it later, is it??

8. Cleaning out your fridge... unless of course you lost power for over a day and the food is starting to smell like a teenage boy's wet sneaker (and the lad doesn't wear socks... ever...). Then of course you may have to do it.

9. Obsessing over the right pen or notebook. Just grab one and go. You will always want the perfect pen and notebook... get the one that is almost perfect and get started.

10. Wasting time reading silly blogs like this... I appreciate the love... really, but get back to work now.