Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting Started is HARD

I hate this about myself. Why is it that on weekends (or when I take a day off like today) when I sit down to write it takes me 15 minutes to a half-hour to go myself going? I check my email, answer any quick ones that I can respond to, check the progress of my fantasy football teams (both of them), read any news stories that catch my eye on my Google homepage, and give in to any fleeting curious impulse like looking up houses in my old neighborhoods online (if I'm lucky one day maybe one of my old houses will be up for sale!!), pricing wireless keyboards and mice on eBay, checking the status on the library books that I'm on the waiting list for, or checking one (or both blogs for comments).

Then when I at last get down to work, I wonder what took so damn long to get started. What is so different on these "free" days. Today I'm writing because I'm procrastinating doing some prep work on my bathroom floor. Today, Matt and a friend of his came over and reinforced a weak spot (AKA "hole") in the floor, and cut and fit another sheet of plywood for the floor. Now I need to smooth out the cracks, holes and uneven parts of the floor before we can move onto the next part.

I did manage to get chapter summaries done for chapters 1 and 27 today (so far). I'd like to finish at least 4 more today... well maybe after the flooring compound fun...


Patricia Harrington said...

Twenty-seven chapter summaries done in less than an hour, before you do the bathroom floor or whatever.

I'm impressed, Michael. Saw your flash fiction guidance at Flashquake and zipped over.

Think I'll try that goal: finish outlining the remianing chapters.

Good one, oh, but then there's the cat to feed, the sun is trying peer through dirty windows . . .

Cheers and thanks for the good message.

Pat Harrington

Michael said...

Thanks for the kind words, but I should clarify. I didn't do 27 chapter summaries, only 2... one for chapter 1 and another for 27... although I can see how the sloppy use of language makes me seem more prolific than I actually am..