Friday, December 02, 2011

Finding 15-Minutes to Write: Batch Your Tasks

30-Day 15-Minute Writing Challenge - Day #2

I spent my initial 15-minute session generating content for my Provocative Phrase Friday writing prompts on the Grist for the Muse blog.  By tackling these all at once, I generated about 3 months-worth of content for these posts.  Granted they still need some edits and select the perfect provocative photo prompts to complete the posts, but the hard work is done.  I spent about another 30 minutes putting together enough content to last well over 6 months.

Caution - Instax Windows Batching tasks is one of the ways that you can save time by handling several closely related tasks at the same time. Some of the common ways to do this:
  • Make all of your phone calls at the same time
  • Save errands in a specific part of town and do them in one trip
  • Pay bills all at once at a specific time of the month

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