Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Late and bleary and oh so weary...

Task: Researching comparative titles / Search for similar book with similar title

Time stolen from: Stayed up late

Today was a crazy day. Got up for work, worked all day, finished up work on a Cub-Appolis 400 car (essentially a box that was painted, glued all sorts of packaging and advertisements, on the sides to make it look like a NASCAR), went to a Cub Scout recruiting meeting that lasted over 3 hours, and came home to send out a sales pitch for a potential manuscript critique client, and now catching up on blog entries and searching Amazon for more comparative titles. Maybe the Complete Idiot's Guide to Creative Writing by Laurie E. Rozakis would be a good one since it is part of an ongoing series, sort of what I hope the 15-Minute Writer will be.

Did not find any books on Amazon with a title similar to mine... maybe Angela was thinking of a different book?? I'll keep my eyes open. Here are some of the other titles I found out on Amazon with 15-minute in the title:
Melissa agreed to do the logo in exchange for posting it as a sample for her website. Not a problem and the price is right!

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