Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bones of a proposal

Task: Setting up a book proposal template

Time stolen from: Wasteful net surfing

It is so easy to get sidetracked by the Web. One minute you are typing away and a thought comes into your head... does my high school chemistry teacher Mr. Ryan still teach at my old high school? You punch the school name into Google, and within a minute you are staring at his portrait and credentials, which leads to you wondering who else is still at the school, a few more pages and you have an overview of who is still there and who has been promoted, and so on... you get back to work and remember the question that your wife asked you this morning: If we know the Greek equivalents of Jupiter (Zeus), Saturn (Cronus), Neptune (Poseidon), and Pluto (Hades), what ancient Greek God was Uranus named after? A quick trip to reveals that Uranus uses the ancient Greek name instead of the Roman one, so it breaks that pattern. So what is the Roman name for Uranus? Out to Wikipedia for the answer: Caelus. Which is definitely not as much fun to mis-pronounce like "your anus" or "urine us."

I waste net time shopping on eBay, looking up old classmates from high school or college on Myspace and wondering if I should try to use it to promote my current book and any future books. I think so, but I haven't had time to explore it further... yet. There are thousands of ways to waste time on the Web, and I'm doing my best to find all of them, but not right now...

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