Saturday, September 02, 2006

Digging a deep hole

Task(s): Adding direct sales outlets to Promotions/Publicity section

Time stolen from: Stayed up late... damn late...

Didn't put much time in today. Bought over $1,110.00 worth of stuff for remodelling our master bathroom at Lowes today. It took us almost 3 hours to get this stuff done.

A new shower stall, shower stall door, base, medicine cabinet, toilet, fixtures, some tin sheets to cover up the firewood, and we got a Troy-Bilt rototiller, normally $299, for $100 since it had been returned and repaired.

Bottom line: None of this stuff excited me or Kristen. Then, I had to clean up the garage to store all of these big boxes, put the seats back in the van, and then I trimmed the yard with the trimmer mower, which is always a messy job, and considering that the areas were so overgrown, that made it messier. Pretty exciting eh?

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