Monday, September 04, 2006

Intensive Labor on Labor Day

Task: Drafting the Overview section of the proposal

Time stolen from: Holiday weekend

I celebrated Labor Day by laboring intensively on removing 20+ year old tile from our master bathroom floor. Using a WonderBar and a hammer it is slowly splintering and coming up... very slowly. It is a tedious, sweaty, unpleasant job... one of those rare jobs that I'd put off doing to write. But it is difficult having one fully functional bathroom, so getting this done is a priority.

I just "flash wrote" my Overview section draft today. It is usually the last section that I write on any proposal, but I wanted to clarify my vision on what I am trying to do for this book. I liked what came out, a few unexpected things (a couple of new skills to develop for the 15-MW). The proposal is coming along nicely, although I did want to spend a lot more than 15 minutes each day of this weekend on it. Sometimes the bare minimum is all you can deliver.

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